Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey, I'm sorry. I will give you a quick update.

I just came back from Adelaide. Me and my two sisters went down to see our brother together. It was the first trip we had taken together, and we had a great time. Although there were mixed emotions, we managed to lay our current life situations aside and just be with each other.

We visited my brothers church, and although it was about 20 times the size of our church at home, we all found the people real, and inviting.

Because we grew up in a small church, the large churches can be over whelming. You feel like no one walking in and you feel like no one walking back out. I did not feel this in this church. As soon as we walked in I felt like they made an effort, and not just to add another few numbers to their church, but like they had the real thing going on.

There are always some in each church I guess. But we got the right ones. And it was a screaming testimony to the work of the church. It was a good feeling.

Apart from that, I guess I have been a bit flat really.
My own fault I'm sure. But annoying none the less.
It's all good though. Going away for the weekend was good. New people, new church, new friends. I loved it but also still love my church and friends.

I am at the moment just organising how to get to America and do it the right way.
I have just finished my Business Admin cert II, and am now just on staff.
It is a good feeling finishing things.

Well that is about it for now, without going too deep.


Anonymous said...

Love you, dear friend, and can't wait to have you near for a bit :) Praying for you, as I always do *huggsies* Ambika

Anonymous said...

Tash. I hope that you are not feeling as flat right now. So close now. So close. Go Tash :)