Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Wow, I have not written anything for a while.
Time management Natasha...Time management!

So, things are going well.

Work is challenging. Like trying to establish the role of chaplain and admin lady is tough for the kids to catch on too, but it is getting there.

God is good and is teaching me organization in this job, which is flowing over into different parts of my unorganized life...church, relationships, youth and so on.

The goal is to just keep my eyes fixed on the big picture, so that in the times that things may not seem so clear or, just unenjoyable, I can stand firm on the promise that God has a greater plan to all things and that this is all part of it. I can stand firm on the fact that when I look back, I will be able to see Gods hand dealing with different character building challenges in me, to build into me the things that He needs to.

Although I am comforted by that...what about the 'now'. Well It is always important for me to be reflecting on my life and walk with God so that I can see him moving in my life at the present time as well. Weather that is how I will see it in the future or not, always being aware of God in my life and those around me is an important key in my relationship with Him as well as spurring others on with their relationship with Him.

Testimonies encourage others as well as yourself.

Always be ready to tell people what God has done in your life...or what He is doing.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to leave a note and tell you: YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLY A BLESSING ON THIS EARTH! Thank you for your words! They (YOU) are an inspiration and encouragement. Keep on~~~~praisin! :) Ambika

rachel said...