Friday, January 25, 2008

Changing seasons

4 months ago I got the most awesome Job. A month ago I left Australia and came to a different country. Tuesday, Hailz went back to Aussie and now it is just me for the next month, and then I go back to Aussie too.
I love change, but man it is hard sometimes.
It was so sad to see Hayley's trip come to an end, and I know it is going to happen to me.

What to do while I am here?
Well, there are heaps of things to do and places to see, but I think the most important thing for me to do with this time is to enjoy my family...all of them, and to process through some things with lots of time spent in prayer. I want to be refreshed and fully there when I go back to Aussie, but I'm scared that I am just going to miss it here. I need to spend time thinking of the things I have learned and the fun I have had, and the things I have been able to be a part of.

I am getting involved in the youth while I am here, just to help out a bit, so that will be a great experience.

I don't know if any of that makes sense to anyone, but I just felt like writing some stuff down.
So, I did.
God is good and in these times of change we are able to see his hand at work.
Now that is worth changing for.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on things.

Well, Hailz and I have been in New Zealand for just about 1 month now. Hailz leaves on Wenesday. That is sad! We have had so much fun here with the family. Tonight James, Leon, Zoe, Hailz and I are going to Snow planet to do a bit of snow boarding. That should be fun! Although yesterday when we went to go and pick up Zoe, we decided to go to a park and go a bit crazy. There was like a mouse wheel there and Zoe had a accident and sprained her ankle. Now she will have to be the photographer at snow planet tonight. Sux heaps.

Well last weekend I went to a Wesleyan Youth camp. I got to be one of the team leaders. Yellow team. Which was my friend Brents team last year. Shout out to Brent, I took them to the top. But unfortunately because of some cheats we got put in second place. Not naming any names...Josh and Rick. Anyway, we won and thats all there is to it.
Apart form that I had an amazing time. It was an honour to be a part of what is going on here in New Zealand with the Young people. I loved being a part of it and God really showed me some great things in me and in others at the camp.
I have already commited to coming back next year to it. It as amazing to be a part of something so connected with so many different churches and places. That is something that really stuck out to me, was the family and the connectedness of the churches here and in the USA. What a great thing the Wesleyan Church have going. I was blessed to be a part of this camp.

So that is it for now.
Next weekend I go to Parachute. So excited. There are so many bands going to be there. Wooohooo.

God is good and He is continually at work in our lives.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Wait on God for a Job!
Wait on God for a Husband/Wife!
Wait on God for children!
Wait on God!

All you see in book shops about single life are books to prepare you for what is ahead. For your future partner. How God can get you prepared for true love, and so on.
Well what if you just want to be happy and content where you are? What if you don't want to put your heart out on a ledge waiting?

I just got a book called 'Who has your heart? The single womens pursuit of Godliness.'
Finally, I have found a book that doesn't tell you 101 ways to prepare for marriage, or what to do to find the man God has waiting for you, and so on.
I have found a book that speaks to me where I am at, and where I need to be. A book that faces me back to my father in heaven and sets my focus on Him.

Waiting is something that a single person hears a lot of. And this is what Emily E. Ryan writes about it...well these are my thought on what she writes anyway.

To wait means to stay in one place and do nothing until something happens or in the expectation or hope that something will happen. Wright? Wrong!

The meaning of waiting when God says it in this sense is to be ready or available for someone to take or use... God!

To wait on God is not something that we should cringe at because, come on, think about it, waiting is boring.
It is a call to action!
To serve!
God says, "Wait on me while you wait on me"! Take action while you wait.
This is a perfect opportunity to spend as much time as I want or need to, to focus on who God is and what He has got me doing now.

I am in a good place. And I am, thankful, that I am here.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally Here

Well, I am finally in New Zealand with my little sister.
The count down has ended. Woohooooooo!
For those that don't know, the plan was to get here on Christmas day with a massive box that would fit, say... two girls in. We were going to get in the box at the front door, knock on the door close the box and when they answered, we would jump out and surprise them, as they did not know we were coming. Great plan hey?
Well we thought so... until...

The story goes something like this...

We got up nice and early Christmas morning at Grandmas to get ready. By early I mean 3:30am.
We had to leave there by 5am to get to the airport 2 hrs early as our flight was at 9 :15am GCT (Gold Coast Time). We would get to New Zealand at 3:20pm NZT(New Zealand Time).
Part of the highlight of the surprise was the way we dressed. We wanted to look outrageously Australian, so we found some great green and gold out fits.
We arrived at the air port at 6:30 full of excitement and nerves, ready for our 2 hr wait. We checked in, gave them our huge TV box (thanx Matt ans Maria), and headed for the coffee lounge. Because of our outfits we were attracting quite a few funny looks and a few funny comments too.
Matt and Maria sat with us for a while until it was time for us to go through customs and down to our terminal. Off we went, full of beans and ready to fly out.
We sat down at out terminal waiting and waiting till about 8:00am when a call on the speakers went through saying something like this, "due to a cracked window on your air craft, there will be up to a 2 hr delay on your flight. We apologize for any inconvenience and we have food vouchers for you to come and collect from gate 83."
Well some of the faces were not good. It was Christmas day for goodness sake. We sucked it up and thought, well at least we will be there by 5:00pm NZT.

So we sat around for a bit then decided it was time to get our free food. Yummy. Off we went, all the while meeting some great people that just couldn't help but say something.
We went back and sat down and ate. At about 10:00am GCT we heard the next message which was about to change everything. "This is for flight DJ 186 flying to Auckland New Zealand. There has been further delays and your flight will now be leaving at 5:30pm GCT. Sorry for any inconvenience, and we have more food vouchers for you if you would like to come and collect them from gate 83."
Oh dear!
Everything suddenly changed. Our world was being turned upside down. All our months of planning... out the window. We looked at each other and sighed, "Its ruined". We would now arrive in New Zealand at about 11:30pm with know way to get to there house as no one thought the shuttle buses would be running that late as well as the fact that we now had the sit in an air port for another 7 - 8 hrs.
Not happy Jan!
Well to make this story a bit shorter, we found ways to amuse our selves for 7 hrs. Movies on the laptop, cart wheels, hand stands, funny stupid photos, playing with a bunch of little kids that were on our flight, who couldn't keep away from the bright colours we were wearing. We actually became friends with like everyone on our flight. We played hacky, which God blessed us with for free from a shop in the air port, and had a bunch of fun.
At 4:30 another call came. "Your flight is now leaving at 6:00pm". We had now decided we would sleep in the New Zealand airport so we didnt have to wake the family at 3am.
At about 5:30pm came another. "Your flight is now leaving at 6:40. We have a plan, we have the crew but we are waiting for a pilot to arrive from New Zealand".
Well sure enough, after 12 hrs at the air port on Christmas day, we were on the plane by 6:20pm and flying out by 6:40pm GCT.
We Got to NZ by 1:30am NZT, found a shuttle bus, got to the road at 3:20am and walked down with all our luggage. We didn't want to wake them so we laying in the bow looking at the stars.
I woke up to water on my face. "Hayley... Hayley. Wake up, it's raining". She looked up and wanted to cry. The light was on in the garage. That was weird and I was freaking out. We grabbed our stuff, freezing cold and ran to the garage. The light turned off before we reached it. I stoped but Hayley kept going. "Hayley, stop" I said. She wouldn't. I followed. We put our stuff there then went for a walk as I was too scared to stay there. We sat at a bus shelter that stunk like wet dog at the beach. The seat was slanted so we could not lie down. We had slept for about 20 minutes in about 24 hrs and we were feeling it. We were pretty emotional. We left there and went for a walk down to the dairy, thinking we would wake them at about 6:30am. I went to a phone and rang the operator to ask the time. Hayley guessed 4:36am... it was 4:37am. We sat and sat ans sat.
Hailz checked the time this time. It was 5:40am.
We walked back to the house and sat on the front porch watching the sun rise. We now decided not to wake them till 7 being the day after Christmas and all. I put my head in my hands. "Tash" Hayley said. I sat up. Hayley started cracking up. I had ribbing on the sleeves of my jumper which I had just had my face on. I now had lines across my face, bags under my eyes, and we both didn't look quite how we looked 24 hrs ago. We got up went to knock on the door but I chickened out. Hayley told me to go have a look at myself. There was a mirror in the garage. Oh dear!
Thats it, we're going in. I gave one look at Hayley and said, "you sure"... "do it" she said. I walked up and knocked. My uncle Rod answered. The face was great.
We walked in and sat down. They gave us breaky and a shower. Then we sat on the lounge.
We were here. It felt so surreal. The wait was finally over, and we thought, thank you God for not letting us take it for granted.
And the rest is another story.

Click on my flicker photos to see some more of our New Zealand photos.