Monday, July 27, 2009

Woops...catch up!

Hi ya'll. Well as usual I have taken about a year to update you, so here is the latest stuff that has been happening.
I love the family that I am with. We laugh alot together and we have managed to get a few good talks in there too. Most of the time I think it is more of them doing the laughing and me doing the talking...weird, I know.

Me and Brianne (sister) baking cookies.

We have all really begun to open up and get to know eachother better over the last month. I am starting to form some really good relationships there and am excited about the future investment in them. They all have something really different to bring to the table and it is alot of fun to be around....alot.
We have been doing alot of programing and organising in the first half of the internship but I feel like that is starting to change a bit. We just had NTS (never the same) camp in New York last week and it was amazing. I had really been praying that God would use me there and it wouldn't be wasted. I really wanted to be a leader that invested into the kids with all of me.
Let the games begin.
Well at first when I got my group I honestly didn't know how God was going to use me there. The girls seemed to be so different from me and I was worried I would not be able to relate with them. Although I knew I could love them, I didn't know if that would be enough. Well, after more prayer and pleeding I saw God move amazingly through me. I was able to relate to them in so many ways and realized we were so much alike on the inside.
I was able to talk with them from my own life experiences and speak hope into their broken lives. I so enjoyed being with them and I miss them all already.

Shelly then me at the top, Amber, Erica (my twin), Angela (middle row left to right).
Alexandra, Kelly and Steph (front row, left to right).

God and me:
As most of you know, I had to quite my job to come over here and do this. Through doing that, it has tested my faith to the utmost. I dont know what the heck God wants me to do, but as I pray through it and speak to people and just go through different experiences I see Him panning it all out. Now like I have a clue what to do, but more that God is showing me how to rest in Him and at least tick things of the list.

There has been opportunities that have come up since I have been over here and they all sound wonderful, but do I want to just go through life trying things and experiencing things, even if it is for Christ, or do i want to wait on God to see exactly what He wants me to do and not just take up any opportunity that arises.
I dont want to live a life of just doing whatever comes up to do even if it is for Christ, but on the other hand, I dont want to just sit and wait. I guess I believe there is a time for each. A time to step out (which I did to come here), and a time to sit and wait on God.


Other stuff:
Well I got to hang out with the Mazellan family for July 4th holiday down in Marion, Indiana. I had the best time ever. Wrote a song, recorded a film clip. I will post it all. Love that family.

I also got to spend a 2 days with Brent and Evy and met Brent wonderful parents. We had a ball. We went surfing on a like!!! Can you believe it. When you dont live nere the beach you have to make the most of what you have, and we did. We ahd a blast but the time ended in my car getting broken into, the window smashed, my ipod stolen and my camera with photos on it still stolen too. No good at all. Oh well, sow it into the Kingdom.

Brent, Evy, and I on our way to surf the waves. Evy and I shreading.

Brent amazing perents ended up paying for a new camera for me. What a blessing. And for now I am using Brents ipod. So all's well that ends well.
I will try and write more often so I dont have to cram it all in so much.
Love to you all back home.

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rachel said...

Tash, I love to see all that you are doing! And reading about your heart and waiting/acting... I can relate to that! I have been going over it time and time again, and still unsure what I'm going to pursue. I would love to catch up with you soon! Enjoy your visit from Heidi and give her a BIG AS hug from me! I love you!