Thursday, March 6, 2008

Feeling the pain

New Zealand was the best thing I have every done, in a long time (apart from starting my relationship with Jesus).
I am back home in Australia now and it is tough.
I know I am meant to be here, and I know that this is a good place for me to be, for it is in God that I am here and doing the things that He has me doing, but I miss New Zealand. I know it has only just been a week and I sure that it will get better, but right now my heart is not here. It is not in anything that I am doing. I feel like I left my heart in New Zealand.
I wonder, would it have been any better if I had spent more time preparing and in prayer before I came back? Or was this feeling inevitable.?
I am in a few roles this year that will need my heart to be in it, so I am just praying that these feelings and lack of heart will be a quickly fleeting thing.
New Zealand was a blessing in so many ways. I made new friends, I encountered new challenges, I had new adventures, I was refreshed and relaxed, but most of all, I made great relationships with my family who I had never spent time with before apart from when I was 8.
To be in family with a father a mother and 3 boys was different but an absolute blessing.
I could not have chosen a better place to spend 2 months.


Josh Bowlin said... could always hop on a plane and come right back! I am sure we can find a role for you here in NZ! :0)

And about the whole purple team cheating thing-Not sure why you listed my name under the "Cheaters" branding b/c I no way shape or form cheated in any event-truthfully! Just had to clear that up :0)

PURPLE REIGN (what a shame the name is now branded on your blog:0)

Praying for your transition back home!

God Bless

sara jean said...

Hey Tash, I went through some of the same feelings when I was home doing my student teaching...I wanted nothing more than to be in NZ where God wanted me to end up...but I had to push through the challenges and responsibilities ahead of me in order for that to happen. My prayer for you tonight is that God fills your heart with a burden for the students you are serving right now. I pray that God renews your inspiration and drive to glorify Him right where you are. God will bless obedience:)
In Christ,